The Read

The Read

Named one of Itunes “Top Podcasts of 2013,” The Read features Kid Fury and Crissle delivering their weekly “read” of hip-hop and pop culture’s most trying stars. Throwing shade and spilling tea with a flippant and humorous attitude, no star is safe from Fury and Crissle unless their name is Beyonce. Or Blue Ivy. The Griot writes ( that “Their whip-smart commentaries…are the perfect antidote to the inane coverage we’re all used to hearing,” while Buisnes Insider writes, “This show is hilarious, and its listeners are completely addicted. (Link to article: And Buzzfeed lauds the show for providing, “latest hip-hop and pop culture news, mixed with smart racial commentary, from two bloggers who love Beyoncé and laughing. (



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