Was It Something I Said



Dustin doesn’t want to hear it.
Assante feels like he’s walking on egg shells.
Fran has a list of terms we should be aware of.
Welcome To The Friend Zone.

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  • Krisha

    Listening to the podcast for 04/13 the word I think of is entitlement. Everyone is soo entitled these days they think that their opinions, beliefs and ideas are more important, valid than everyone else’s. What’s important to them becomes what they feel should be priority to everyone else. I’m not sure when it started but I know what you mean. I do not have a strong internet presence because it’s just not my thing and like Dustin, I interact on social media as I would in real life. Bottom line generally people forgot that they can state their opinion without involving anyone else. Just because you may trigger something in someone does not mean they have to address you they need to figure out how to get their feelings out without involving anyone else.

    Love the show listen every week keep up the good work and say what the Fuck you want