The Star Wars Vs Star Trek Episode Feat. Just Blaze (FanBrosShow)

fanbros_final2 The Star Wars Vs Star Trek Episode is one that I’ve been wanting to do for a minute now, and since Just Blaze decided to bless the show with his presence I figured now was the time for this momentous occasion. That’s right Super Producer and Super Geek King Just Blaze joined us to discuss Star Wars Vs Star Trek, and why the discussion between them is really all about Science Vs Religion. We get a little deep and that’s not even counting Just Blaze’s amazing ability to recall the most minor of geek details. Chico and Just may have to battle one of these days, but for now enjoy as we bring you the usual greatness that you’ve come to expect week after week. Old Robocop > New Robocop.


1. What was the most exciting moment that you witnessed in a movie theater?

2. Which do you prefer, Star Wars or Star Trek and why?

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