The Read – Volume 1

Kid Fury + Crissle

Kid Fury + Crissle

The great people behind The Combat Jack Show lost their minds and allowed me to host my own podcast. So, of course, I had to grab my beautiful and shade-filled friend, Crissle, and The Read was born.

This will be a weekly podcast where Crissle and I discuss everything from living in New York City, entertainment news, gossip and shit that gets on our nerves. –

Welcome to The Read, featuring Celebrity Analyst/Shade Connoisseur Kid Fury and writer/NYC hater Crissle! Join the fun as they throw deserved shade, break down the latest in pop culture and revel in all things Beyonce.

This week, those getting read include the writers of Law and Order: SVU’s “Rihanna” episode, Keri Hilson and corny people.

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