The Memphis Bleek (@MemphisBleek) Episode

 Wanted to interview Bleek for a while. Being protege to the greatest rapper is a gift and a curse, and we get into that. As well as why he started the legendary Jay-Z vs NaS beef, how he discovered Rick Ross, gave Rihanna her first shot, the rise and “fall” of the Roc and whether he knew that  some considered him one of the greatest weed carriers of all time.

*artwork by Theotis Jones*

Memphis Bleek | @MemphisBleek | Kush Gang 4 Life | DON’T CHECK 4 ME UNLESS U GOT A CHECK 4 ME…

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News w/ MattRaz

  • Red Lobster waitress attacked by customers for filling water glasses too often (Another waitress was attacked at the same location back in December) – HuffintoPost
  • South Jersey mayoral candidate busted for selling weed to undercover – CBS Local – Philly
  • McDonalds assistant manager beat up for allegedly refusing to put fudge on top of sundae (ayo) – KnoxNews
  • Director Tony Scott commits suicide by jumping off bridge – LA Times Blog
  • LL Cool J Home Break-In: Homeless Man, Jonathan Kirby, Charged – HuffingtonPost

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