The “It’s A Shame We Couldn’t Ward Off The Reign Of A Rocky Nation” Episode



Andreas & Kel recap the terrible WWE Survivor Series and Monday Night Raw and wonder WTF was all that crap. Is Sheamus the right pick for champ? Is the WWE trying to make us sympathize with Roman Reigns like we did Daniel Bryan? What the hell was that lousy squash match with The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Wyatt Family? Why are Charlotte & Paige like awkward dance partners? Why does the product suck so bad right now???

Elsewhere, we also recap Canelo Alvarez big victory against Miguel Cotto and what it means for Canelo’s future as well as the difficult time Roc Nation had with their boxers this weekend.

Finally, we analyze the Jon Jones interview with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani and why we aren’t buying any of this crap that he’s spewing.


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