The Gut of Truth (Plz Advise LIVE)

Plz Advise


We recorded a live show at Hollywood Improv ( with a bunch of special guests including:

Jackie Johnson (
Daniel Van Kirk (
Ryan Bailey (
Ariana Madix (
Ed Hansen (
John Levenstein (

Tune in for Molly’s ( epic recording where she explains professionalism and ultimately FIRES a contractor she’d been working with for weeks.

As always, our fabulous guests answer your calls! This week we got calls about your friend who steals money, your friend who lies, and strangers that mindlessly comment about how you appear to be pregnant (RUDE!)

We help guide a young gay caller toward safer and cleaner anal sex, and help another caller get her groove back with her boyfriend after moving into his parents’ house – yikes! We play Do You Feel That for the first time, and a guest from the audience learns what pegging…

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