The Combat Jack Show (The Announcement)

Well folks there you have it. The question that has been asked since the day after the historic 1st BYOBBBQ (July 18th, 2010), When is the next BYOBBBQ? After a few misteps with securing a venue last year, BANG, here we are with this grandoise event for you The Internets. Shout outs to Peter Oasis for collaborating with The Combat Jack Show to make this event the biggest (and most anticipated) of the year. Also big-ups to Doug Cohen and Adam Herard from FLUD Watches for coming through and announcing their sponsorship (product and monetary) for this event. They even left us with wild crazy new FLUD watches. Okay enough of the posturing (bragging rights, haha), do yourself a favor and stream/download the latest episode of The (Almighty) Combat Jack Show. #POW

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