The Combat Jack Show 2-11-11 (Meyhem Lauren & Producer Buckwild)

#Newmanati #Newmanati What are you willing to risk to be apart of the almighty? Who is a part of the grand NEWMANATI? Is it Combat Jack? Dallas? A-King? Maybe the intern Jerome? What is the NEWMANATI? Haha! Nothing but pure antics on The Combat Jack Show. The guests on this show straight outta Queens reppin’ that ‘Lo Life, Meyhem Lauren and also outta the BX borough legendary platinum producer Buckwild. From DITC, Big L, Fat Joe, Notorious BIG, Nas, Dr. Dre and so on Buckwild’s resume is astonishing. Want to know the story behind Notorious BIG’s “I Gotta Story To tell”? Who was the track originally made for? Who was mad that they didn’t get a crack at it? Well hit the play/download button below and enjoy.

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