The Bun B, Freddie Gibbs and Despot Episode

Bun B x Freddie Gibbs x Despot… where do we even begin? From Freddie’s ESGN label and current relationship with Young Jeezy and CTE to Despot being a NYC club owner and the schit he has to deal with to Bun B flexing all professorial and having the show turn into a roundtable on race in New York versus the south. It’s bigger than rap.  #Newmanati!

Show Notes

News w/ MattRaz

  • A third Elmo accuser has come forward who says he had sexual activity with the former Elmo puppeteer, Kevin Clash when the accuser was 16 years old. New accuser is writing book about ordeal. –
  • The half man of CBS sitcom 2 and a half men, Angus T Jones appeared in a video online following a reaffirmation of his Christian faith wherein he renounced the show, saying it fills viewers heads with filth and that television in general has a poor effect on the brain.  –
  • A 23 year old London man made a mistake this Halloween when he accidentally gave out eight baggies of cocaine instead of the haribo candy he had in his other pocket. The kids were accompanied by their father, an off-duty cop. –
  • 31 year old California man Russel Rodgers allegedly assaulted a 74 year old man in a burger king bathroom, slamming him in the face with the bathroom stall door, knocking him to the ground, and saying “This is what I do to old people” and adding “I did this to you because you’re old” before he left. –
  • A 52 year old Ohio woman known as the cleaning fairy was given 1 year of probation for breaking into a home, cleaning it, and leaving a $75 bill. –

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