Molls in NYC: Next Generation Kevin Bacon (Featuring Ruby Karp and Marcelle Karp)

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It’s episode 2 of Molls’ adventures in New York! This time around she’s welcoming amazing and brilliant teen writer Ruby Karp and her mom, writer Marcelle Karp. Lean in and just be in awe of Ruby’s mature advice and take a deep life lesson or two from Marcelle as well.

Ruby has a new book out called “Earth Hate Me” you can get it right here:

They tackle your questions from a guy who is unsure if speaking up for women was the right thing to do, a bi woman who wants to know if paying for her younger date is OK, a woman who is FED UP with her brother-in-law crashing at their place, and more. 

Got a question? Call us up at (323)450-7408 or write an email/send a voice note to askplzadvise [at]

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