Love Should Be Multiplied, Not Divided (Featuring Alexis Wilson)

Plz Advise


#PlzAdviseNation, we’ve got a great episode loaded up for you this week. Guest Alexis Wilson ( steps in and answers your questions about uber/ride share etiquette, how to get off one when you’re always ON ONE, and which crystals to stock up on — and where NOT to get them.

We also have a thorough and heavy conversation regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement prompted by a caller whose friend may not understand the challenges of being Black in America.

Catch Molls and Alexis decipher how to pronounce “Bey” and revisit their Myers Briggs archetypes! This is a fabulous episode filled with great topics and we promise that it WILL give you life. We can’t wait for you to listen.

Thanks so much to our callers. We are loving your questions! Please leave us a message at 323-450-7408 and as us anything and your call may be played on the pod!

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