Love Languages (Featuring Liana Maeby)

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We’ve got LOTS to say about our newest episode. Today, guest Liana Maeby ( joins Molls ( and talks about their relationship of bumming cigarettes, being terrified of haunted things while being stoned, and the severity and impact of having panic attacks!

Liana shares an insane story about a pizza delivery-person eating a slice of her pizza and Molls talks about her visit with a hypnotherapist! The two dive in to a series of calls about introducing your rich boyfriend to your family, breaking up with your trans-boyfriend, and pinpointing honeymoon locations for people who’re afraid of flying. We get a letter regarding a previous call from a past episode about laughing about hard times.

And finally, the girls get a call about a college student who isn’t getting her DAMN LIFE, like she thought she would. Tune in and join the conversation by tweeting us, sending us letters, and letting us know what you think!

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