Lord Jamar (Episode 68)



No stranger to the Vlad couch, Lord Jamar sits down this week not only to talk about some of the hot-button topics in the media but to also discuss his role in HBO’s latest miniseries “The Night Of” and his acting past.

The Brand Nubian rapper started right off questioning the validity of the media reporting that Prince’s cause of death was from an opioid overdose. He and DJ Vlad then proceed to discuss what addicts are perceived to look like, Prince’s ethnicity, and his flamboyant style.

In speaking about and categorizing masculinity, the conversation takes a turn into why “The Cosby Show” has been cancelled because of Bill’s rape allegations. However, shows like “Seventh Heaven” and “Glee” are still on-air though their stars have been met with pedophilia and child porn charges, as Lord Jamar believes they solidify the gay agenda. There’s also a bit of a history lesson on why men performed all the roles in Shakespearian plays.

Lord Jamar finishes out the conversation by declaring that men should take care of their children’s mother if they set them up to never work — citing 50 Cent and Derek Fisher as examples. He discloses his knowledge of Afrika Bambaataa’s accusers and having seen them in the studio some 30 years ago. Lastly, he speaks about the coded language of the word “thugs” and the adverse effects of colorism that may have led Lil Kim and others to bleach their skin.

Listen to the full interview above.

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