Lord Jamar (Episode 47)



Vlad Couch regular Lord Jamar takes another seat with us this week to give his very no-nonsense opinion on a bunch of hot topics from Super Bowl 50 to B.o.B’s belief that the earth is flat.

The Brand Nubian discusses why some felt what Beyonce did was wrong despite their ongoing support of police – “they’re murderers of all kinds of people, especially Black people.” He goes on to breakdown the depths of systemic racism; his belief that Cam Newton threw the big game and the racial microagressions surrounding the media cover of the famed quarterback. Jamar delves deeper into the destabilization of the Black family in correlation to Ciara’s $15 million lawsuit against Future.

He goes on to debate which is the better Michael Jackson album “Off The Wall” versus “Thriller.” Using Amber’s finger in the booty allegations made against Kanye, Lord Jamar goes on to discuss what constitutes gayness. He reacts to Death Row’s Danny Boy coming out, and Jaden Smith being the face of Louis Vuitton’s womenswear collection, and much more topics like Meek Mill versus Drake which has spawned into Meek Mill versus 50 Cent, and the current state of hip hop beef.

To hear the cutthroat and strong-minded opinions of the rapper listen to the interview in full above.

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