Lord Jamar (Episode 104)



VladTV regular Lord Jamar sits back on the couch to express some more of his poignant opinions on some of today’s current hot takes. Firstly, the Brand Nubian rapper speaks on his disdain for female rap records but discloses that he feels Remy Ma created the best female diss record he’s ever heard with “SHEther.” He then gets a bit political speaking on how corporations are feeding the masses homosexuality, gives some back history on slavery, and Donald Trump exposing the wounds of racism that still live on in America.

Lastly, Jamar debates Vlad on Black Thought being a Top Emcee and the nuance of what makes someone a great rapper. This conversation leads into why 2Pac may not have been a technically great rapper, but his ability to emote on record is what made him great according to LJ. The often outspoken OG also tells Vlad why he is indeed a culture vulture.

Listen to the full interview above.

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