Lord (Episode 99)



Recently, Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad sat down to discuss why degrees aren’t celebrated in Jamar’s community. While the Brand Nubian rapper admits that he’d received his GED, he explains that the need for money was people’s first thought versus going to college and building up debt. While Lord Jamar admits that he doesn’t hold The Beatles in as high esteem as white people, he revealed that he does like Frank Sinatra. Lord Jamar shared his thoughts on Kanye never facing any repercussions for his actions, including the albums that he’s released. After Jamar said that “Yeezus” was horrible, he added that the universe will force Kanye to change his behavior due to his actions.
To hear more of what Lord Jamar had to say, including his thoughts on what older artists could learn from the new generation, hit the above clip.

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