Lil Bibby (Episode 70)



Lil Bibby sat down on the Vlad couch to talk everything from basketball, the trouble he got in growing up on the streets of Chicago, his admiration for Gucci Mane and his disdain for snitching.

After wagering a $1,000 (and now winning) bet against DJ Vlad that the Cleveland Cavaliers would go on to be the 2016 NBA Champions, Bibby speaks about the violence in Chicago. He discusses why he believes Chicago has a gun problem, and why he never felt he would be available to escape the city until he became a rapper.

He divulges into the trouble he’d get into on the streets as a teen, admitting that he’d even had got locked up twice in one day. He then shares his thoughts on Troy Ave’s shooting situation and why Bibby believes most rappers get into trouble after accumulating fame in their hometowns. Speaking on hometown, like everyone else, Lil Bibby expresses being overjoyed that Gucci Mane is home. “Chicago people just love Gucci, man. He’s like everybody’s idol; he’s like a gangster.” He explained, “First of all, he killed somebody and then he rapped about it, and he made all types of diss songs. Man, Chicago just likes negative s***.”

Bibby discusses being sober for over three years and telling G Herbo he’s stupid for doing lean, and why he wouldn’t snitch even if someone killed his mother. Listen to the full interview above.

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