Jas Prince (Episode 75)



It’s usually hard to come out of the shadows of your father’s legacy especially if your dad is Houston legend J Prince, but for Jas Prince discovering Drake, hooking him up with Lil Wayne, and creating his own music label are enough to cement his own name.

Jas starts off the interview speaking about how never realized how important his dad was until he was a bit older, and discusses what it was like growing up during Rap-A-Lot’s prime. “I swept floors at Rap-A-Lot, and I moved to working the mail room, like putting the packages together, and like a street team.” Jas even reveals seeing his father act as a peacemaker in Hip-Hop and watching him defuse animosity between T.I and Lil Flip.

Jas also spoke about discovering Drake on MySpace and the lengths at which he went to make sure that everyone heard his music. Jas was instrumental in getting Drake signed to Young Money Records, and he speaks on the lawsuit he filed to get paid for his work with the Toronto artist. In addition to the legal drama, Jas touched on Drake and Meek Mill’s infamous ghostwriting fiasco and denied that the rapper had anyone complete a full song, “Drake is a great artist. He knows how to put words together and write great songs that everyone would like.” He added, “It’s not no ghostwriter. Who doesn’t be in the studio with their boys or whoever and people throw an idea or say something?”
Jas also talks about his relationship with Christina Milian, and how it tainted his relationship with Lil Wayne once the rap star and songstress began dating.

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