Jaden Smith The Albino Knight (Ft. Chescaleigh & TieOptional of Last Name Basis)

What’s up internets! A brand new episode of the FanBros Show is back in your life! This week we brought Chescaleigh & TieOptional, hosts of the Last Name Basis podcast, to join us on the spaceship. We talk about the perfection of Mad Max: Fury Road, the controversy behind the Taxstone Episode of the FanBros Show, and why the hell Jaden Smith loves his white batsuit so much. Chico Leo let’s loose like never before, and it’s all thanks to… Simon Pegg? Join DJ Benhameen, Tatiana King-Jones, Chico Leo, and our special guests from Last Name Basis, as we embark on another cosmic journey! It’s the Fanbros Show!

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