It’s No Business like Show Business but Mind Your Business

With Charlamange Tha God on a secret mission for the Illuminati, he and Andrew Schulz connect via Skype to discuss Wendy Williams saying “Charlamange who?”, Wiz Khalifah and Amber Rose and the men who gossip about them, and whether cheating should be a deal breaker in a relationship. And yes, some dick talk too.

1min The Brilliant Idiots explain why they’re on Skype
6 min Why did Rosie throwing Wiz under the bus?
20 min Should cheating be a dealbreaker in a relationship?
30min Lebron’s hairline
37min Did Lil’ Kim get Charlamange “dropped?”
39min Charlamnge on why Nicki Minaj is mad at him
47min On the importance of thinking for yourself
58min Charlamange’s got nothing but love for Wendy Williams
75min Ask An Idiot

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