It Ain’t Where Raven Symone From It’s Where You At

Andrew Schulz and Charlamagne Tha God discuss why you shouldn’t be mad at Raven Symone, what would happen if Lil’ Duval was set upon by a group of lusty men and whether or not college is still worth the money.

1:30 When’s the last time you been to the dentist?
10:00 How can you be made at Raven Symone?
14:00 On why people make Ebola jokes
21:00 Charlamange reveals that Monck’s Corner South Carolina had dirt roads
22:30 Is addiction a choice? Or genetic?
30:00 What if Lil’ Duval was rapped by another man?
35:00 on the sexual origins of the Easter Holiday
39:00 Charlamange on being a Twitter troll
45:00 Why “Hit Em Up” is the best diss track of all time
53:00 How to take an impressive dic pic (DICK TALK!!!!!!)
56:30 On why the college system is broken
1:06 Charlamange’s homework struggles
1:10 Ebola
1:20 Charlmange saw a ghost
1:23 Ask An Idiot

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