Hopsin (Episode 69)



After leaving Funk Volume, Hopsin sits on the Vlad couch to discuss his fall out with co-founder Damien Ritter, his relationship with his former labelmates and how the success of the label made him a millionaire.

Hopsin starts off the conversation speaking about his $500K battle rap challenge and how he, Dizzy Wright, and Jarren Benton fared against Crooked I’s Horseshoe Gang. Unlike Horseshoe’s version of the story where they quickly admit to killing Funk Volume, Hop denies that occurrence. He goes on to share a humorous anecdote about how a picture with a fan made Crooked press him, and how he nicely found a way to avoid those problems. While on the topic of lyricism Vlad and Hop go back and forth on whether 2 Chainz is a lyricist, as it pertains to a comment the “No Words” rapper made in 2013 targeting Atlanta rappers and the emergence of trap music.

Hopsin also goes in depth on his critique of Drake’s ghostwriting scandal. Because he believes having someone write you lyrics is “not hip-hop,” Hopsin says he likes the idea of Drake and his music, but he can’t respect it. The conversation rounds out as Hopsin talks about his growth and maturity, and how he garner buzz for dissing Kendrick and Kanye. He affirms that he is unapologetic for trolling rappers in the past.

Listen to the full interview above.

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