Gary Owen (Episode 51)



Comedian Gary Owen sits down on the Vlad Couch to discuss what it means to be a White comedian who does Black comedy and how that came to be. Owen begins discussing growing up in a trailer park in Cincinnati, Ohio. He says his African-American friends in San Diego advised him to go to Black comedy clubs where he started doing “comedy for black people,” which is how he got his start on Comic View.

The funnyman discusses not making it on the “Think Like a Man” DVD cover and why as a White man he isn’t bothered by not making on the cover of Essence magazine. He then delves into a hilarious story about Katt Williams and shares theories on what’s been leading to Katt’s recent problems. When asked who is the funniest living stand up comedy, Owen could not give a direct answer. Gary later admits because he is a stand up comic he doesn’t really watch the specials of his contemporaries including Dave Chappelle.

Gary turns the tune to a more serious matter discussing being married to a Black woman (whose dad was involved with the Black Panthers) and having to educate his biracial children on how to interact with the police. He discloses his opinion on White people using the N-word, his racially charged Buzzfeed article, and promotes his latest movie “Meet the Blacks” starring Mike Epps, Mike Tyson and a host of other hilarious people.

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