Garbage People (Featuring Leslie Grossman)

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Garbage People (Featuring Leslie Grossman)

It’s the return of a fan favorite guest! Actress Leslie Grossman ( joins us to catch up on Molly’s ( Thanksgiving trip and share a little “Full House” fun.

Listen as the try to help you solve your problems including a bride’s horrendous wedding experience, and two, count ‘em TWO, horrible co-worker troubles. We also get into a good conversation on how to be a white ally for the people you know are going to be going through it this upcoming Presidential term and more. So tell your loud co-worker to shut up and get your last LOLs in before we FINALLY say goodbye to 2016.

Give us a call. We’d love to hear from you for any advice, if you wanna say what’s up, or if you want us to roast you. Hit us up at (323) 450-7408 or send us a voice note or letter at askplzadvise [at] gmail dot com.

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