FBS Special Delivery No. 23 – The RIP Resurrection Episode

RIP Resurrection. It seems kind of bitter sweet to say it after two or so months of following ABC’s Resurrection but finally we can say RIP Resurrection. I have to say it’s probably a bit more sweet than bitter as this show has had it’s ups and downs like a T-Pain song. Or a T-Pain career but it’s finally over or at least the first season has come to an ending. I could easily do a google search and find out if this show has been renewed for a second season but I’d rather spend that time telling you about the latest episode of Game Of Thrones First Of His Name where Tommen Baretheon gets crowned the new king. Long may he reign. Shouts to Ser Pounce. Peep the episode, let us know what you think in the comments and for the love of Gawd let us know what you are watching so we can turn our attention to something worthwhile.

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