Fanbros vs All 2016 Royal Rumble (Special Delivery)

Who will be the last Fanbro in the ring? Who has the skills, the will and the character to survive a gauntlet of 29 other wrestlers and win the WWE World’s Heavyweight Championship heading into Wrestlemania? OK so Illa YC and Boman might not be in the 2016 Royal Rumble match, but that does not mean they still cannot get heat with some crazy predictions for WWE’s third biggest show of the year!

Will the numbers game help The New Day defeat The Uso once again? or will Kevin Owens actually be able to put Dean Ambrose down in their last man standing match? Becky Lynch has another chance to win her first champion; however, she’s facing a Charlotte, who has realized her inter Flair and will do anything to keep her belt. Finally the Royal Rumble match. Can Roman Reigns beat the odds and retrain his title against the other 29 superstars in the match? Will the Beast, Brock Lesnar maul everyone in the ring or will international superstars steal the show?

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