Fan Bros Show: The Brothers In Animation Episode – Guest Starring @Kimsonian (FanBrosShow)

Brothers In Animation? On the latest episode of FanBros we welcome @Kimsonian to discuss Brothers in Animation, and we’re not talking about Tomax and Xamot. On the Brothers in Animation episode we conversate on what it takes for a person of color to break into the animation game, what it’s like for a young brother whose in the game, and why Family Guy will never rank up there with the Simpsons. Plus the usual news, comedy, and insanity that you expect from the crew. Brothers Gonna Work It Out. Time Code after the break.


0:00 – 12:00 – Introduction of Kimsonian to discuss animation and what he does in the animation industry.

12:01 – 20:00 – The top five animated series of all time.

20:01 – 32:00 The Monster Mash segment. We discuss True Blood (SPOILERS) and Combat Jack gives a quick no spoiler review of The Conjuring

32:01 – 36:00 – The 80’s Are Back. Discussion on Robocop, Bloodsport and the Leonardo Dicaprio’s Robotech

36:01 – 43:00 – San Diego Comic Con wrap up. Superman VS Batman!!!

43:01 – 56:45 – Discussion on the new Kanye West video game as well as Hip Hop vs the geek world.

56:46 – 1:02:30 – Chico’s Netflix Pic Of The Week

1:03:00 – END – Outro. Shouts to Dru Down.

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