Episode 90: Ft. 3D Na’tee



This week we have New Orleans rapper 3D na’tee on Lip Service! She talks about her newest video “Maria” and how having a jealous friend inspired it. Which leads to the question, how do you handle a jealous friend? Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago, Gigi Maguire, & Lore’l discuss adding a body vs returning to an ex, proper etiquette of staying with someone, filtering yourself while in a relationship, and good lies to give your mate if you ever go missing! Sorry guys but we also find out 3D na’tee is not single… as she opens up about the time when her boyfriends “friend” tried to holla via DM and how she handled it! Be sure to check out her new project “Songs That Didn’t Make the Tape” vol 1 out now!

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