Dammit, Janet! (Featuring Marissa A. Ross)

Plz Advise


Bon Appetit’s Wine Editor Marissa Ross ( joins us for a boozy episode where she spills about the wine industry, and shares some choice wines for #PlzAdviseNation!

Together, they tackle your questions about day drinking, how to stop calling your ex, and we introduce a new game, Do You Feel That!

We get the age old question of passionate, depressing guy vs. dependable, hardworking guy and the answer is shocking (maybe not if you’ve been listening to the show regularly.)

TRIGGER WARNING: We delve into a thorough conversation about cathartic coping mechanisms for topics like rape, suicide, and eating disorders. And we find out what’s actually in your wine…

If you have anything you wanna say or if you have a question for us, please leave us a message at 323-450-7408 or email us at askplzadvise [at]!

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