Dae Dae (Episode 124)



Atlanta rapper Dae Dae sits down with DJ Vlad to speak about growing up in the 4th Ward and his father building him a studio when he was 16 years old. Unfortunately, when his dad and brother were arrested the police raided his studio and seized all of his equipment. Dae Dae says he worked at UPS and then doing construction to help pay for his rap career. He then speaks about having five children, having his first child at 14, and still being in a relationship with the mother of his children.
Dae Dae details hooking up with Nitti Beatz and explains the grind that led to the success of “Wat U Mean” and eventually signing to 300 and touring with Young Thug. To find out what Dae did with his first big check, why he embraces the “money phone,” face tattoos, and what he plans to continue to keep his career thriving.

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