Bow Wow (Episode 67)



This time, we’re on Bow Wow’s couch to discuss the trajectory of his career, his past relationships, his role as a father, and what it was like growing up the industry.

Bow Wow begins the conversation discussing how Snoop and Dr. Dre discovered him during The Chronic Tour show in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. A then 5-year-old, Shad went by the rap name “Kid Gangsta” and his mother allowed him to go on tour with Death Row at the time. This would lead the start of his rap career as Snoop Dogg would rename him Lil Bow Wow, Kurupt would write his rhymes, and 2Pac would be recording in a studio he ran around in. Even with all of this happening around him, Shad reveals he also wanted to be a comedian at heart.

The 29-year-old also delves into his personal and working relationship with JD, and what it was like to be an adolescent surrounded by a barrage of women. Expressing that he’s always wanted the women JD had around him, which leads to him reaffirming that he lost his virginity to Esther Baxter, while she may not have known it at the time.

The conversation takes a heavy turn when Bow Wow talks about some of the struggles in his life; such as being at a low point and considering suicide, his baby mama drama, and his break up with former fiancee Erica Mena. It was during one of his dark moments that he rebuilt his bond with JD after a great heart to heart. He also reminisces on what it was like to have four #1 albums, why he signed to Cash Money, his acting career, and his plans to become one of his generation’s biggest music moguls.

Listen to the interview in its entirety above.

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