Azie Faison (Episode 66)



Former Harlem drug dealer, Azie Faison sits on the Vlad Couch to discuss his legacy of selling cocaine in the 1980s, his relationship with Alpo and Rich Porter, the death of Rich, and the accuracy of the life depicted in the Roc-A-Fella films produced classic hood Paid in Full. He also reveals being the founder of the underground hip hop group MobStyle.

Faison admits that he dropped out of school in the ninth grade and began working at a neighborhood dry cleaners, where he initially got into the drug game. After getting a supplier, Azie became a head honcho in his neighborhood. He goes on to explain what it was like moving the type of weight he was during the “War on Drugs” era of American history (making $100K a day). Unfortunately, with the wealth came attempts on Faison’s life, like in the late eighties when his trap house was robbed, which left him shot nine times, and others dead. He later discloses how Rich’s nephew had been kidnapped and held for ransom.

He goes into depth the moment he realized Alpo had murdered Rich Porter and explained that it happened over 300,000 dollars. He concludes the interview by absolving himself of the “snitch” persona that has been attached to his name. He admits to talking to Alpo in jail and proceeds to deter people who jump into today’s drug game labeling it “over” and fruitless since 1990.

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