Aries Spears (Episode 49)



DJ Vlad chops it up with comedian and voice actor Aries Spears about some of the racial divide in pop culture, as well as, the significance of comedy in American culture.

Known for his spot on MADtv and his hip hop impressions, Spears recalls entering the comedy scene after failing at rap and boxing. He discusses the rarity of Black comics in mainstream media when he got his start on Def Comedy alongside Martin Lawrence. He then breaks down the mainstay of comedic greats such as Dave Chappelle, Cedric the Entertainer and why Kevin Hart loses points for using stand-up writers.

The funnyman also touches on White people using the N-word, Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations, Stacey Dash’s recent comments, how gays can be hypocritical when it comes to jokes about their sexuality, and wanting comedy to move out of its newfound political correctness.

Press play to hear Spears’ equally hilarious and insightful interview in its entirety up top.

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