Andrew Schulz (Episode 65)



Comedian and TV personality Andrew Schulz is back on the Vlad couch this week to discuss an array of topics from cultural appropriation to considering Muhammad Ali to have been a modern day prophet similar to Jesus.
The brilliant idiot starts the conversation giving his opinion on Drake’s recent album “VIEWS.” He believes it was a decent effort but feels the album should have been shorter. “There’s probably 8 hot songs on ‘Views’ but it’s twenty songs long… Give me that ‘Views’ a la carte,” he jokingly says in relation to its lack of brevity. While addressing the worldly sounds of the album, DJ Vlad brings up Mr. Vegas’ issue with what he felt was Drake culturally appropriate the reggae/dancehall style. To which Schulz says, “When it comes to cultural appropriation, I don’t believe that is a thing.” He explains why he believes only broke people argue over the credit for creating what’s cool.

Later on Schulz and Vlad debate Michael Jackson and Nas’ best albums. The conversation quickly turns from the standards of what make a classic album, to the standards of women that both men would accept in their dating lives. Andrew then delves into why he feels men should be giving half their salaries to the child’s mother for a peace of mind, when asked about Derek Fisher paying out $109K monthly to his ex-wife.

Lastly, Schulz closes out the interview clarifying what he meant when he tweeted “this is a rap thing” when discussing the Troy Ave shooting incident. He states that he meant to say “gangster rap” and how that genre of music came from the streets but now ultimately also directs how street matters are handled.

Take a listen to the entire interview above.

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