Andrew Schulz (Episode 117)



Comedian Andrew Schulz is back on the Vlad Couch to give his hot takes on some of pop culture’s current events. He and DJ Vlad speak about how they experience being called Culture Vultures, and the belief that all Americans are cultural appropriators due in part to capitalism. Andrew goes on to explain why LeBron is the best teammate and motivator of all time, how his career is unfairly compared to Michael Jordan’s and the Warriors being the greatest losers in NBA History.

The first half of the interview rounds out on a more serious note as the pair discuss racial norms, and why mixed raced individuals are referred to as Black. Schulz schools Vlad on the ways the Transatlantic slave trade impacted not just racism in America but in other parts of the world such as Brazil. He also explains by a person like Oprah who amassed wealth may not experience the same levels or prejudice as an everyday person of color; but suggests that wealth does not take away from the racism of society.

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