Affliction (Featuring John Levenstein & Molly’s Mom)

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We got a lot of nice tweets about how you guys loved Seana Ambulos on her first episode, so she’s back again! This week Seana ( and *new guest* John Levenstein ( get their active listening on and give our listeners great advice on breaking up with someone, developing/finding a marketable (or at least less bland) voice in college, and using tinder after a divorce. Molls ( remembers a rude encounter with Justin Beiber and plays a hysterical game of Do You Fear That with Seana and John. The trio answer a letter about dating under the circumstance of an affliction AND MORE! Tune in to this week’s episode and be sure to leave us a review on iTunes!


If you have a question for Molly, call in at: 323-450-7408 or email us at askplzadvise [at]

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