A Psychic Soirée (Featuring Chris Medina)

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Join us as Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Guide Chris Medina ( shares his gifts with Molly ( and Kristina (

Medina claims to not only have gone through a lot in this lifetime, but many lifetimes! He shares his process of exercising his ancient wisdom and talks to Molly and Kristina about trust, abandonment, and image issues we must all face.

Of course, Molly and Chris answer your questions about how to manifest things, how to properly friendzone someone, and how to deal with a large financial burden after someone passes. We also get a call from an angry mom whose friend doesn’t like her growling baby.

It doesn’t take a psychic to tell a mama to stand up for a child, but we have one anyway! Tune in and let us know what you think!

If you have anything you wanna say or if you have a question for us, please leave us a message at 323-450-7408 or email us at askplzadvise [at]!

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