100th Episode Special Pt 2: Don’t Confuse Lust For Love

Plz Advise


Babe, it’s a celebration and you already know the party DON’T STOP. We’ve made 100 of something and that’s a big deal, so we rallied up some of your favorite guests and callers and invited them over for a Plz Advise soiree. If you’ve already listened to part one (bless you). You’ll find the format of jumbled up guest combinations familiar.

Today we have teams of our most memorable guests answering your calls about staying with your boyfriend out of convenience, where to find cute and inexpensive home decor, and we also get three INCREDIBLE updates from people!

We’ll teach you how to rock that bold lipstick and own that lip, how to deal with your messy friend, and how to steer clear of that dick fog! Message us and be our friend if you want to be invited to episode 200’s party because I bet that’s coming sooner than we think too!

Shouts to Ryan Bailey (, Meredith B. Sloss (, Stacey Jones (, Ed Hansen (, Max Wyeth (, Blaire Bercy (, Frankie (, Steven Meiers (, Ariana Madix (, and mama Madix, Tanya for being part of this part of the two-part episode.

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