100th Episode Special Pt 1: Shop Local

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Uh, you guys? Are we dying that we made it to episode 100? This is literally insane.

We celebrated our 100th episode at Molly’s new house with a few fan-favorites! Today’s very special episode features pairs and groups of memorable guests and CALLERS: answering your burning questions, giving you life, and celebrating with you, our listeners! Tune in and catch the guest combos that answer your calls about cultural appropriation, long distance relationships, relationship etiquette, borrowing money, and getting bored with people. Let us know what your favorite call or piece of advice was, and stay tuned for PART TWO of this two-part extravaganza, coming out next week.

Shouts to Leslie Grossman (, Ed Hansen(, Michael Tiberi (, Blaire Bercy (, Jackie Johnson (, Kamon (, Jesse the Tinder Grifter, John Levenstein (, Allie Kingsley (, and Katie O’Conner ( for being amazing and being on this part of the two-part episode.

#PlzAdviseNation: we’re so, so grateful that you’ve joined us on this journey. We appreciate your calls, your listenership, and support – we couldn’t do this pod without you guys. We love you and we can’t wait to see what happens next! Tweet at us, call us, email us, we are dying to hear from you! 323-450-7408 or email askplzadvise [at]!

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