She’s Ryan

With a raw, yet distinctly polished voice, bold and provocative lyrics and an eclectic look that turns heads, it’s not hard to tell why She’s Ryan a/k/a SIR is a force to be reckoned with. The 23 year-old is a former photographer, current published print model, aspiring actress and an emerging singer-songwriter focused on building her brand while inspiring others through her art. In these days of artificial swag and manufactured stardom, the Brooklyn born and bred bombshell has mastered the art of soaking up new environments and incorporating them into her personal style while still remaining true to her big city roots. She’s Ryan boasts multifaceted talents that set her apart from her contemporaries and her brand SIR (also an acronym for her moniker) reveals the blueprint for domination behind this artistic mastermind. Clever? Very. But gimmicky? Never. Her movement represents power, confidence and respect and her message is meant to be one of hope to those who strive to achieve their ultimate goals.

I eat, sleep, and breathe my work” – She’s Ryan