Matt Raz

Matt Raz


Matt Raz is a director and editor who has done videos for artists including T.I., Cypress Hill, Travis Barker, Action Bronson, and Team Facelift and commercials for brands like AXE, Gibson Guitars, Pro-Keds, and Yankee Stadium. More modern gentleman of leisure than slacker, Matt is a true connoisseur of pop culture, artisanal junk food, and $1 cigars. Originally from Central NJ, Matt has since gone on to gentrify previously undesirable parts of Brooklyn. He hopes one day to co-star in a direct to DVD release alongside Jean Claude Van Damme.

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The Combat Jack Show feat. Dallas is weekly online radio show comprised of a diverse array of personalities with an overall love and appreciation for hip hop culture, fashion, music, and current events. The show is helmed by Combat Jack and his co-host Dallas Penn, whose personalities add for an always entertaining show experience for the guests and listeners. With over 60 plus shows, thousands of downloads and online views this is only the beginning. “It don’t ever stop” #Newmanati