Lola Ogunnaike

Lola Ogunnaike


Lola Ogunnaike was working her way up the ranks as a features reporter, making the jump from the New York Daily News to the New York Times, when her career took its first lump in 2006: a one-week suspension fromNYT, reportedly for appearing on The View without her editor’s permission.

“If you can really get the answer to that question, then you will be able to tell me something I don’t know,” said Ogunnaike, regarding the suspension. “I can’t answer that question because, at the end of the day, I don’t really know why.”

Regardless of the reason, Ogunnaike’s newfound national TV exposure didn’t go unnoticed as CNN made her an offer that she “couldn’t refuse,” ensuring that millions would know her as more than just a byline for years to come. – Mediabistro